Our Services 

Studio ’89 is well experienced in the development of architectural and interior design drawings and documentation coupled with construction management to meet the client’s requirements while adhering to the relevant regulations and guidelines set forth by local and statutory authorities.

Our company is primarily focused on the following scope of work:

  • New architectural and interior design developments.
  • Restorations and renovations of existing buildings.
  • Restorations and renovations of heritage buildings.
  • 3D Artist Impressions

The following Architectural and Interior Design services are offered:

1.    Receive, appraise and report on the clients requirements.

2.    Guidance regarding the various processes and stages towards the advancement of the clients proposed development. 

3.    Consultation with local authorities to check for conformity of the design proposal with the rights to the land-use.

4.    Inspect, survey, measure and preparation of documentation of existing premises with specialists as needed.

5.    Preparation of Concept Design drawings and documentation.

6.    Preparation of Detailed Design drawings and documentation sufficient for costing and coordination with other consultants.

7.    Preparation of drawings and documentation sufficient for local authority submission.

8.    Preparation of drawings and documentation sufficient to procure offers for execution of the works by relevant contractors.

9.    Administration of the building contract.

10.  Site supervision and inspection during construction.

11.  Preparation of drawings illustrating deviations from municipal approved drawings.

12.  Research the suitability and location of a site for the proposed project.

13.  Participation in technical and/or economic feasibility studies.

14.  Participation in environmental studies.

15.  Participation in traffic flow studies.

16.  Participation in landscape planning and construction.

17.  Participation in the preparation of promotional material and artwork

18.  Participation in the design of interiors and the selection of furnishings, fixtures and special finishes.

19.  Preparation of presentation boards of all interior selections and furnishings.

20.  Review and coordinate furniture layouts with lighting and electrical plans.

21.  Coordinate fine art and decorative accessories.

22.  Coordinate interior plant selections and placement.

23.  The design and documentation of purpose made items.

24.  Mutually agreed additional services.