About Us

Studio ’89 is an architectural and interior design firm established by Professional Architect and Master of Architecture graduate Jameel Omarjee. The company, based in Durban, South Africa, is well experienced in providing professional services in all major disciplines within the realms of architecture, interior design and construction management.

With wide experience in commercial, industrial, civic, and residential projects, Studio ’89 is well equipped to offer professional services tailored to your requirements.


As individuals we do not have the power to change the genes we've inherited, however, we do have the ability to change the environment in which they function. This ability to change our surroundings presents the opportunity to create environments' that are meaningful to their inhabitants.

Our firm holds steadfast to the belief that research during the design process should go far beyond the findings related to pragmatic issues and the implemented built form should also seek to comprehensively address the social and behavioral needs of its occupants while taking cognisance of the site, surroundings and greater context.



Architectural elements and design factors are focused upon to design optimal compositions to achieve effective environments that comprehensively address the needs of the occupants and that of the wider public. It is our mission to aid and ease the process leading towards the advancement of the clients proposed development and to offer services that best serve the client and the built environment at large.